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The Gurnos; otherwise known as the ass crack of Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. Walking down the scummy streets of the gurnos you're bound to get stabbed by a toddler, mugged my an 18 year old mother of five or raped by one of the area's many local paedophiles. Queue's outside the job centre in Merthyr are usually 95% gurnos dwellers due to the large amount of uneducated scallies that populate the area. Hundreds of smack heads wait in line outside the pharmacy in the Gurnos every day, waiting for their methadone. Heroin needles and strung out prostitutes litter the ground like crisp packets and during the winter you might mistake the white powder on the ground for snow, don't be fooled!!!! Enter the gurnos at your own risk.
What's that? you're from The Gurnos? Ewwww don't touch me!!
by SADMJBLSR November 11, 2010
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