One of two vocalists in The Blackout. Noticeably Welsh, makes girls fall in love with a mere glance. Witty, funny and extremely good-looking, Sean Smith has the balls of an elephant. Seriously, no joke, he compared them with Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat of All Time Low. Is an awesome DJ under the title 'DRTY-LVE', and loves to party. Doesn't drink alcohol, after he drank two litres of White Lightening,got rejected by a girl, smashed a pint glass over his head, tried to stab himself before crying for his mother in the corner. All in the space of 2 hours. He has a fit brother. Features frequently on Courtney and Lara's wall.
Lara: "Woah, look at that Sean Smith over there, i wonder where his brother is..."
Courtney: "Fuck that, let's talk to him!"
by Lala+Oateebix June 21, 2010
He is a good person he may not look or seem like it but he is he is a bit slow when it comes to school but you can count on him to keep secrets he hates keeping secrets to his friends he tells them everything hardly lies covers up for friends and when he has a crush on someone he wont get his crush off its stuck on you for ever he wont stop till he has had enough of any girl named with a K in there name he has a crush on he is very special also he is not afraid to start dancing goofing around or anything that's his life
Example Sean smith is my best friend
by EXDOUD March 6, 2021