The most entertaining football competition in the world, where finished clubs and farmers battle for the European Mickey Mouse cup. Some of the strongest and most storied clubs in Europe have been Europa League champions, such as IFK Göteborg and Shakhtar Donetsk.

Europa League participants normally rotate year by year as clubs move on to the Champions League or fall to mid-table. Despite this, some smaller European clubs have inked deals to become permanent members of the Europa League, such as 0x champion Arsenal F.C.
"Have you been paying any attention to the Europa League? The Arsenal match was today."
"Sorry, I don't pay much attention to banter clubs. Have they been knocked out by Olympiacos again?"
"No, they lost to some farmers from Moldova this year. They truly are finished."
by North London is white May 18, 2022
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The competition that a bunch of balkan farmers play against smaller teams like Tottenham Hotspur
The Europa League > The Champions League
by thessparked October 21, 2020
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