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An awesome "post-hardcore" band from Merthyr Tidfil, South Wales, formed in 2003.
Comprised of:
* Sean Smith (Vocals)
* Gavin Butler (Vocals)
* Matthew Davies (Lead guitar)
* James Davies (Guitar)
* Rhys Lewis (Bass)
* Gareth Lawrence (Drums)

Difficult to categorise due to them drawing many different influences into their songs- on their myspace page, they simply refer to themselves as Rock/Rock/Rock.

They have, to date, had 3 technical releases comprising of 1 demo, 1 mini album and 1 full length album:
* Pull No Punches (2004)
* The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout! (2006)
* We Are The Dynamite! (2007)

They have also released 3 singles:
* Hard Slammin' (2006)
* The Beijing Cocktail (2007)
* It's High Tide Baby! (2008)

They are well known for the excellent attitude they have towrds their fans, seeing them as "friends" to party with rather than just "fans". As such, they nearly always oblige to photos and signatures etc. Most notably, perhaps vocalist Sean Smith.

They have been linked to Lostprophets who, too, hail from South Wales. The Blackout supported them on their Liberation Transmission tour and Ian Watkins supplied guest vocals on "It's High Tide Baby!"

Stereotypical "rockstars" they aren't- always displaying a humble and friendly attitude. This combination with their catchy and passionate songs is perhaps why they are so popular amongst fans.
I went to see The Blackout the other night and they were totally amazing on stage and so nice off it!
by caFF. February 22, 2008
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