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beautiful, kind-hearted, loving, cute, funny, humorous, flirty
"He's so handsome, wow"
"I know right, he's such a Mert!!"

"That guy was so flirty with me"
"He was probably a Mert"
by yuokcyn May 08, 2016
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In Turkish, mert means brave, hero and trustworthy. It's also a Turkish male name.

That man is mert.
by MerTurk March 25, 2009
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A strange way of saying mate. Typically used by British northerners who spend a long time down south, and eventually their accent gets a bit dodgy. The same principle works with a variety of words.
Y'alrert mert? - You alright mate?
That bloke's serf - That bloke's safe.
by Bender Bending Rodriquez September 06, 2005
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A short, muscular and courageous Turkish guy. They're mostly introverted, usually tend to do offensive jokes and may be into beastiality depending on their past experiences as shepherds. Merts' usually hang out in their homes' drinking protein juice and playing video-games or just live in sheds close to their herds. A Mert most likely has friends that are muscular like him, and will try to show his superiority to skinny infidels.
Dude 1: Damn, look at them muscles man! He must be a Mert!
Dude 2: He must have lived in the mountains for those massive boomers!
Goat 1: When will you come back home, my dear?
by mehmetipek June 04, 2018
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Someone who is widely hated by the entire population of planet earth
I sure hate that kid Mert I bet the entire world hates him
by ZebraP March 12, 2018
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