The drivers of Mercedes-benz are the MOST STUCK UP drivers in the world. Even if they're driving a 20 year old beat up benz they have the largest ego and attitude of anyone on the road.
I was in a new jag and I had Mercedes-Benz Drivers giving me snooty looks like they were better than me.
by Kfed.. March 21, 2008
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A german car manufacturer that produces expensive luxury cars, good looking cars that are very unreliable, and when they break down, it will cost more than a honda to fix them.
My mercedes-benz 92 s class breaks down at least twice a year, damn w140.
by imfromdearborn September 04, 2006
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mercedes are starting to become shit. Lexus and BMW and even cadillac are nicer.
the new audi are amazing and russian cars are shit hahahaha
dude the door on my new 52 grand E-class just fell off.
by zaed March 16, 2005
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Automobile manufacturer founded in 1890, and has since contributed some of the finest mass produced automobiles in history, as well as being a name synonymous with luxury and performance. Sadly since thier merger with Chrysler (The pimple on the ass of the American automotive market) in 1998, thier quality has noticably taken a massive hit.
I used to own a Mercedes Benz, but I would much rather own a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
by preppyguy21 August 20, 2004
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A Mercedes-Benz is the finest automobile available. And one of the finest MB available is the 1985 300SD. After 1985 the quality started to deteoriate. A 1985 MB 300SD is the finest driving automobile, and in a class of its own. Nothing else comes close. A good solid heavy car and when fitted with the Diesel engine, you have an automobile that will deliver good fuel mileage. You are driving the safest automobile available. With regular maintenance a 1985 MB300SD will travel for well over 500,000 miles. The driving experience is nothing short of amazing. Other drivers of much lesser cars show the Benz driver the respect he deserves for making such a wise buying decision (with the exception being those Japanese tin can jockys). Once you drive a 1985 300SD your search for the perfect automobile is over. While MB's are very expensive they will last for 40 or more years if taken care of. When you look out across that massive hood and see that Star Ornament guiding the way you know the definition of "King of the Road".
Hot Chick "I love your car, Take me for a ride in your Mercedes-Benz"
Motorist "Sure honey, hop in"
pedestrian "Dude that is the coolest ride ever, my dream is to own one"
Motorist "son, that is everyones dream"
by takethathill August 19, 2006
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The poor man's Farrari. Not as fast, over rated. Anything older than a 2000 Mercedes looks like an old people's car. Farrari will beat it in a race. Farrari is known as the fastest car that's why people know it. Mercedes is #2, get over it.
Jon: You dude check out my Mercedes-Benz yo it's so "gangsta"
Derek: Umm..I bought a Farrari, it's faster and better than your benz.
Jon: Dammit.. your right
Derek: So I guess yoll be retiring in the fall right?
Jon: No what are you talking about!?
Derek: It was a joke dude, you drive that old man's Benz
Jon: O ya... damn I wish I bought a Farrari
Derek: So next time don't make a mistake by buying a Benz, next time step it up and buy a Farrari
by Derek Reefer June 14, 2006
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The shittiest type of car ever...believe me
do not buy a Mercedes...the new ones are crap and i know someone who has a 1999 model and the dealer he brings it to (Foreign Motors West, in Natick or Framingham, Massachusetts), SETS UP THE COMPUTER IN THE CAR SO THAT WARNING LIGHTS COME ON. THEN HE TAKES IT IN, THEY CHARGE HIM 500 BUCKS, AND THEY FIX NOTING. FUCKING BASTARDS! DONT BUY A MERCEDES! GET A JAPANESE CAR LIKE A HONDA OR TOYOTA
by GERMAN CARS SUCK August 04, 2004
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