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The plural form of yo, used to address two or more people.
1.) Sup yoll
2.) How's yoll mommas?
by Tpain March 24, 2013
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A Australian way of greeting a friend. It is always accompanied by a peace sign. It's a friendly way of greeting someone who will mutually send a "yoll" back (has to be accompanied by a peace sign or they're a traitor).
"Yoll" *peace sign*
"Yoll" *peace sign*
"Wanna come to the canteen with me?"
"Not really"
"I'll buy you a choccy milk"
"Ok let's go"
by canadianpuffhippo June 03, 2018
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the worst swear word ever. never say it in public. I mean it.
Guy 1 "yoll" guy 2 "ZOMG YOU SAID THE WORD! 0_0!"
by wiiguy20 September 16, 2007
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