A lower/middle class town right outside of Boston. Parts of it are rich(South Natick) and parts of it are ghetto(West Natick, Natick Center). All Natick is known for is its mall.
Once Natick was in a Family Guy episode "Da Boom"
by Black Larry Bird October 25, 2015
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A town in Massachusetts 10 miles west of Boston with the population of around 40,000 people as of 2020. The town is 15 sq. miles of land, and surrounds most of Lake Cochituate. Natick was founded in 1651 by Puritan Massachusett converts and English Puritan missionary John Elliot. Natick has the Natick Mall(the largest mall in New England), the headquarters of TJ Maxx, Cognex, and Math Works, an army lab, and a national guard base. Doug Flutie, former NFL QB, is from Natick, and Henry Wilson, 18th Vice President of the United States of America and abolitionist, was from Natick. The Boston Marathon runs right through downtown Natick. Natick is most known for its historical monuments and architecture in downtown Natick.
Natick was featured in Knives Out, Fallout 4, and an episode of Family Guy.
by Massachusetts Nationalist June 30, 2020
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Capital of the South Shore, South Boston, and Dorchester areas of Massachusetts. Home of Casey’s Diner.
All Natick Chicks are straight 10s
by Soxin52018 January 29, 2020
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all Natick has is a mall
and a couple military bases
grrrr natick sucks
but yeah one goo dthing i suppose natick mall is expqanding should be done in the next year ou should come and see gonna be the biggest mall in MA at least
if u go too close to natick labs theyll shoot you lol
many armed guards
natick mall is gonna have condos now
we have the natick army labs
and a some what abandoned national guard base
and in framingham we have a prison
and another national guard base
by Empty Town November 2, 2006
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The home of the redmen and Peter Mundy, the voice of the natick football redmen.
"This is Peter Mundy the voice of the natick high football redmen.....Quarterback keeper by Bill Flutie up the middle for 3 yards"
by Lick my G April 16, 2005
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A town in mass where everyone in it thinks their the shit. A big town that has lots of drugs and a big school. Most kids from natick believe they are cooler than small town kids. Most people that live their have a rebellious side and like to pretend their bad bitches.
Woah they think their so cool

Must be from natick man
by Natick, MA June 13, 2019
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-Natick's Anthom-
No 1 can handle this group of scandalous ruthless niggas who will ride till death do u part. Bitches who jump get pumped wit led to tha heart,cuz we got tha glok cocked aimed at ya top, n' tha buckshot wont stop till ur corpse drops. I'd like 2 introduce u 2 natcks east side: where tru playas collide, thugs ride, and g's reside. No 1 can hold us down, niggas know us now; we recognized all around. Labeled insane, still controllin tha game, maintainin tha name.We changed but we still tha same. Our bullets shoot they dont spray, we bust all day. So tha name "Natick" is framed in tha minds of many and there it will remain cuz we here 2 stay... -Preach-
about time sum 1 made tha anthom
by ruckus March 15, 2004
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