Shitty fucking is like titty fucking, but before you proceed to push the tits together and titty fuck them, you shit in the cleavage. Once you are done you make your partner lick the shit off you dick.
Titties that are right for shitty fucking are called shitties.
"Dude Eric how was Becky in bed."
"Awesome, her shitties were perfect. I shitty fucked her all night long. Shitty fucking is the best feeling in the world. I still have some shit left over on my dick though. She doesn't have a very big tongue. It was suprising too because my dick is only two inches long when erect."
by Shuiefer Dark Cum Stallion January 29, 2008
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1. When someone rubs their ass-crack up and down a guy's boner. Similar to a titty fuck, except using the ass. Not to be confused with anal sex.

2. Poor quality sexual intercourse.
1. I wouldn't mind a shitty fuck from J-Lo while I sit in this chair.

2. That was a shitty fuck I had with Jessica in the changeroom, because she was tired and uninterested (I was the 3rd guy she banged today), and some creep was peaking at us.
by Bango Bett September 21, 2005
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Shitty fuck is a phrase you say when something bad and sudden happens.
Mom: The dentist told me that you have 10 cavities and they all have to be drilled without any pain killers.

Me: Oh Shitty fuck!
by CEO of pain killers February 29, 2020
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1.) An alcoholic beverage made using cheap vodka, immitation Kaluha, and milk.
We didn't have enough money to make white russians, so we just drank shitty fucks all night.
by WoweeWoweeWowee October 14, 2006
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combination of titties, shit faced and just plain fucked up meaning to have a good time and get really drunk. Have the full experience.
You ready to get shitty-fucked tonight at the club and try to find a ride home?
by Pwincess Gweta June 03, 2010
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The best swear word ever, made up spontaneously by my friend, alias Carla Buchman.
I had a fifty dollar bill, but it must have fallen through the hole in my pocket... shitty fuck ass!
by Evelynne Wicker May 03, 2004
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a phrase for use at shows on mic checks.
Testing Testing...shitty shitty fuck fuck...yea it works
by jeanette and amanda August 12, 2004
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