A Satanist rap artist & record label owner from Las Vegas, NV who suffers from numerous mental illnesses and writes dramatic songs about it.
Lucifer Menace's song really helped me understand my anxiety!
by Jerel Moore January 02, 2022
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A specimen of a man he is a connoisseur of club back walls and has recently switched his hunting grounds to a new venue. Don’t attempt to approach this man as he is extremely dangerous and is known to break ankles. When in the wild he is either spotted starting fights with girls or playing a gentlemanly game of hogging.
Your been a proper Macc-Town-Menace tonight!
by Anonymous-Student56 October 29, 2021
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A complete beaut wagon with a huge cock who has sex with a lot of hot babes.
that guy is a complete mushroom menace.
by dglen July 28, 2013
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Someone who is bold, evil, troublemaker, fabulous, crazy, fun, witty, Adorable, clever, slick, and clumsy. The person is very outgoing, and usually causes trouble, she/he loves attention, but doesn't make themselves a big deal. You wouldn't want to get on the bad side of the person either.
Lexi: OMG! Ashley is such a sassy menace!

Destiny: yea, I hate her! She's so mean!

Lexi: Well, u shouldn't have been on her bad side.
by Clebeck August 06, 2014
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Very intelligent, funny, witty person, resembeling the member Pink Menace of the Bungie.net forums. Often used when someone makes a funny or witty remark or insult.
"Wow! Said like a true Pink Menace!"
by James March 03, 2005
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An ultra-cobtagious form of COVID-19 disease caused by the UK variant of SARS-CoV-2.
-Hey, I'm sorry I can't make it to dinner, I'm down ill.
-oh no! is it covid?

-yes, PCR test confirmed it's the Boris Menace so I'm highly contagious.
by mrvbola December 30, 2020
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