A man that believes it’s oppressed because it was rejected for its entire life, not because it doesn’t shower, but because it is a man. Just as, if not more, triggered than a feminist.
Jan: I just divorced my husband, we had 2 kids
Men’s Rights Activist: who’s paying child support?
Jan: My ex-husband, because I have custody
MRA: You FEMALES will never know what it’s like to have to pay child support! And men get custody sooo much less!
Jan: Well, that’s because men are much less likely to ask for it, but we can talk-
by sorry if ur triggered April 3, 2021
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don't listen to the top definitions,

a group of men who supports the idea of gender equality and believes feminism is actually a threat to the well being of men (which it is)

now the term Men's Right Activists or MRAs has been tainted by whiny feminists who feels threatened by them because somehow it promotes misogyny (clearly doesn't)
Joe: I'm a proud Men's Right Activist
Linda: eww get the hell away from us you misogynistic neckbeard
by z,,,, February 26, 2021
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Men, typically wearing fedoras, who actually believe that men have a systematic disadvantage as compared to women. Claims that feminism is against equality and oppresses men. Do not seem to understand the concept that giving another group rights that you have always enjoyed does not take away your own rights. Will use bogus facts, faulty logic, contradictory statements and basic insults. There is a grain of truth in the fact that MRA's state that mens' issues are equally important in achieving gender equality (something that most reasonable feminists agree with). However, that being said, they often berate the female gender in doing so. Most MRA's appear to be men that want to mask their prejudice in a socially acceptable manner, giving lip service to equality when it is clear they don't actually believe in equality. Basically, trolls.
MRA: "She should have worn less revealing clothing. She was asking for it."
female: "You're victim blaming. Nobody asks to be raped."
MRA: "I'm not victim blaming, I just think she was sort of responsible for it."
female: "Dude that is so sexist it's not even funny."
MRA: "Well, I'm a Men's Rights Activist! Fuck those feminazis!"
female: "uuuMMMM, actually, feminists want equality for both genders, and they aren't trying to take away men's rights! We believe men should be able to control themselves because they are rational human bei---"
MRA: "You just want to repress our natural instincts! If you put a steak in front of a dog, you can't just expect it to---"
female: "Dogs have discipline."
MRA: "How dare you compare men to dogs! Fuckin' feminazis!"
by Aiamai The AI Robot June 4, 2015
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A men's right activist is a man (sometimes a brainwashed female supporter) who delusionally believes that despite global patriarchy men are somehow oppressed. Similar to middle class white dudes whining about "reverse racism". The power dynamics that exist in society and have for a very long time mean that men are the class that holds the power. They are the oppressor class so when bad things happen it is not sexism because men do not face discrimination, terrorism and forced impregnation based on their sex. Like's to claim "misandry" as if it were equal to misogyny. They don't seem to realize a misandrist is actually someone who is misanthropic.
The men's rights activist made a video called being prostituted an "exchange of goods and services".
by Socialist Dude November 6, 2013
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