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The opposite of hypercondriac. Instead of always thinking they are sick, they will brag they haven never been to a doctor and/or dentist.. Eat unhealthfully and feel no shame about it and will tell you so. Could be used as a slur against someone's lifestyle habits you do not approve of. It is a rather classist slur
My friend just bragged to me he eats fast food everyday and is not fat. He doesn't care what it will do to his heart health. What a hypocondriac.
by Socialist Dude November 6, 2013
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A men's right activist is a man (sometimes a brainwashed female supporter) who delusionally believes that despite global patriarchy men are somehow oppressed. Similar to middle class white dudes whining about "reverse racism". The power dynamics that exist in society and have for a very long time mean that men are the class that holds the power. They are the oppressor class so when bad things happen it is not sexism because men do not face discrimination, terrorism and forced impregnation based on their sex. Like's to claim "misandry" as if it were equal to misogyny. They don't seem to realize a misandrist is actually someone who is misanthropic.
The men's rights activist made a video called being prostituted an "exchange of goods and services".
by Socialist Dude November 6, 2013
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Something upper middle class who do not deal with the brunt of unfettered capitalist exploitation as the working class love. A crutch for people who believe in pseudo-science "mind over matter" new age baloney. For people too weak of mind for skepticism and realism. New agers will often go as far to victim blame people with chronic illness like chronic fatigue and people suffering from cancer that they "thought themselves sick". Clearly need a to understand how evidence based medicine works and that supplements are not magic fairy dust pills.
The book "The Secret" made lots of money selling this "positive thinking" tripe.
by Socialist Dude November 6, 2013
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A woman who is exploited by the sex industry. Used in the place of prostitute or hooker because these imply the prostituted women (or less likely man) has agency in the situation when this is extremely rare. Used by anti sex trafficking activists. The word hooker also implies that men are hopelessly seduced or sucked in by prostituted women when really it is a choice to pay a pimp to rape a prostitute woman and degrade her intimately for his own satisfaction.
The prostituted woman was kidnapped from her homes in South East Asia under the threat of the death of herself and torture of her family. Sex trafficking is against international human right's laws and every human being's right to personal autonomy.
by Socialist Dude November 6, 2013
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An endearing term to call a cute pet or small child. Mix of "adorable" and "belle" French for beautiful.
Awww isn't that little girl in the pink dress adorabelle?!
by Socialist Dude November 6, 2013
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