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1.When people spam Urban Dictionary with the names of people they are oh so in love with because they love them that much and Urban Dictionary users will definitely recognize their name and realize how great they are even though it is SO FUCKING ANNOYING having to vote down every single name instead of looking at actual interesting slang words
2. Racist people submitting "definitions" such at "hitlerdidnothingwrong" or "Holocaust: something that never happened." Seriously, you fucking racist assholes, you need to get a life beyond denying a horrible event that has countless evidence to prove it happened.
Ugh, I'm trying to vote for some words but people keep dictionary spamming this thing.
by Aiamai The AI Robot June 4, 2015
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1. The mindset of an individual who thinks they are very mature "for their age" and therefore refuses to see where they have room for improvement. Will often use their alleged maturity as an excuse for the stupid, petty shit they do.

Everyone has this mindset at some point in adolescence, but if they retain this trait at age 25 it is unlikely they will ever grow the fuck up.

2. Less commonly, the mindset of someone who <i>knows</i> that they are immature, but just doesn't give a shit.

They will most likely reach maturity eventually because they don't play victim when something goes horrendously wrong. Because they have the self-awareness to know how their actions led to the end results, they know what to do if they want to prevent those results from happening in the future.

Typically, this brand of immaturity is more agreeable, friendly, and tolerable than the first type.
1. He acts like he knows all that, but gets defensive when someone questions the rationale behind his policies. He's 40 years old, and he's still immature.

2. He knows he shouldn't buy 10 cartons of orange juice. He know he shouldn't go to Starbucks everyday like hipster trash, and especially not when he barely has enough food to last him until his next paycheck. He knows he shouldn't binge watch the whole season of Breaking Bad on Sunday night when he knows he has to get up early for work the next day. He<b>knows.</b>

But will that stop him? Ah hells no.
by Aiamai The AI Robot September 22, 2015
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Men, typically wearing fedoras, who actually believe that men have a systematic disadvantage as compared to women. Claims that feminism is against equality and oppresses men. Do not seem to understand the concept that giving another group rights that you have always enjoyed does not take away your own rights. Will use bogus facts, faulty logic, contradictory statements and basic insults. There is a grain of truth in the fact that MRA's state that mens' issues are equally important in achieving gender equality (something that most reasonable feminists agree with). However, that being said, they often berate the female gender in doing so. Most MRA's appear to be men that want to mask their prejudice in a socially acceptable manner, giving lip service to equality when it is clear they don't actually believe in equality. Basically, trolls.
MRA: "She should have worn less revealing clothing. She was asking for it."
female: "You're victim blaming. Nobody asks to be raped."
MRA: "I'm not victim blaming, I just think she was sort of responsible for it."
female: "Dude that is so sexist it's not even funny."
MRA: "Well, I'm a Men's Rights Activist! Fuck those feminazis!"
female: "uuuMMMM, actually, feminists want equality for both genders, and they aren't trying to take away men's rights! We believe men should be able to control themselves because they are rational human bei---"
MRA: "You just want to repress our natural instincts! If you put a steak in front of a dog, you can't just expect it to---"
female: "Dogs have discipline."
MRA: "How dare you compare men to dogs! Fuckin' feminazis!"
by Aiamai The AI Robot June 4, 2015
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A bicycle, upon which a valiant hero will arrive in style
Friend: "Girl, how you gonna get to the party tonight? You don't have a car."
Me: "I'm going to arrive on my MECHANICAL HORSE!"
by Aiamai The AI Robot June 5, 2015
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those mini-sized school buses that look like Twinkies due to their hue and proportions
A twinkie bus always has picked up the girl in the wheelchair, but now it picks up that one boy that got bullied on the bigger bus so it takes them longer to get to school now.
by Aiamai The AI Robot June 5, 2015
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He's a "Republican" who has offended most of the Republican Party.
Hopefully, Donald Trump will be a wake-up call to the G.O.P. that this is how most of the country sees them.
by Aiamai The AI Robot September 22, 2015
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The embodiment of everything that has gone wrong with America, concentrated into one individual through black magic and blood sacrifice, with the hopes that this ritual would cleanse the United States.

A similar ritual was successfully preformed in Canada, using Justin Bieber as the vessel for their collective sin.

At the time of writing of this definition, it is still yet to be seen if this will be an effective solution for the United States.
The American people view Donald Trump in much the same way that Canadians regard Justin Bieber.
by Aiamai The AI Robot September 22, 2015
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