Handsome, good looking, usually have a big cock and are not afraid to use it
Guillermo big cock
by Malnourished March 20, 2021
One of the sweetest person’s I know. He is so caring, sweet, kind, and one of a kind. If you ever find a Guillermo, he’s a keeper ❤️ He will always be there for you and you will find reasons to fall in love with him more and more each day. He might come off as the girl of the relationship but that’s okay. I love him so much. So ladies, you better stay away. He’s MINE! But yeah a Guillermo is the best.
Guillermo is mine.
by Someone-u_dont-know July 1, 2018
The most amazing guy you ever meet. A person like him you never want to lose. He is intelligent, funny, hot af, and the sweetest. He’s the person you will fall in love with. He is one of kind because there’s no out there like him. He’s is the best friend or boyfriend you can ask for it doesn’t get any better then him. You will be so thankful to have him in your life. That everyday you will wonder and ask your self how did you get so lucky to have him.
Guillermo is the best person you’ll ever meet.
by Freakygirl March 10, 2020
Guillermo is super sweet , handsome and is a go getter , may come off mysterious but that just gives you a reason to know more about him , i love my guillermo
Guillermo is in love.
by Yourlove97 January 29, 2019
One of the coolest cats who ever lived. 1990 to 2008. and my best friend. rest in peace dude. You will be missed.
We adopted Guillermo from the cat shelter when he was just a baby.
by daywalkz October 31, 2008
Guillermo can be straight or gay! He is a person you can be good friends with but sometimes make fun of you. He is a mean kind person!
Guillermo: look it’s that gay ass
Me: I don’t know bro
by Luis G.A October 28, 2019