A woman's menstrual cycle or period. When one receives her monthly cycle, she then has the knowledge that she is not pregnant.
Me: "Got the no baby memo."

My boyfriend: "Yay?"
by cares not September 11, 2009
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Emo Memo (pronounced mee-mo) is the name of the opitimy of all emo-ness. He is the classic example of everything there ever was, is, and ever will be about emo. Be nice to the Emo kids, they have feelings too(since they obviously display it CONSTANTLY). An Emo Memo is usually in need of anti-depressants, tissues, and a hug. Maybe all three.
1.Erich Peter. The original Emo Memo. Greasy black hair that is swooshled over to the side, floppy messenger bag with way too many pins/buttons on it, creepy "veggie-leather" brown shoes, books of sappy cliched poetry that doesn't ryhme or make sense and has been done to death, enough tears to make the ocean overflow, anorexic thin-ness, loves manyt emo bands most people have never heard of such as Texas is the Reason, THe Promise Ring, Further Seems Forever, ect., and just being a whiney little emo bitch. But we still love him to death :)
by Me November 28, 2004
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when you sit on someones lap and you're going commando
dude, Becky was pulling a memo on Joe and he got a boner
by BobtheboringZ October 11, 2015
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Commonly known at the myth, the man, the legend, Sengly the Donut. He was also once thought to be a Child Pedophile, who kidnapped minors aged between 9-12 according to the Bible.
Son : Mom, who’s is that humanoid creature on the internet?
Mom :Oh that’s the myth, the man, the legend, Sengly the Donut (Sengly Memo).
by EvilDoctorPorkChop November 02, 2019
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A memo, letter, or e-mail message that contains irrefutable evidence of a crime. Similar to finding the "smoking gun" at a murder scene.
The investigators were elated to find smoking memos showing that Enron plotted to manipulate Western electrical prices in last year's crisis.
by JRob November 17, 2005
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What what you find on your desk when you return from extended time away from work.
Look everyone! Crane can pee his name in the memo snow on his desk when he gets back!
by mollygoodhead December 27, 2009
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Contemporaneous notes or emails drafted immediately after a one-on-one conversation or meeting with an untrustworthy person who you expect will later lie about what was said in that conversation, and which are stored for future reference, to be possibly used at trial or in other official proceedings.
Holy shit! The boss just asked me to do some shady, unethical things. I need to send a 'Comey memo' to myself in case they later try to throw me under the bus for following through.
by Zayander November 18, 2019
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