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He has the biggest dick in the world. He is a beast in bed and often gets girls named Tilda. He is a sweetheart with his girls. He always gets girls in the bed after one hour.
Wow, that's Melker he fucked me last night.
by Farbror Melker April 29, 2019
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Super kind and cool
He's the funniest person you'll ever meet. He's sweet and caring but very shy and he'll will only say things when he truly means them.
A real meme expert who'll always make you laugh your ass off.
Consider yourself lucky of you have a Melker in your life since they're very rare.
Damn that guy seems really shy, who is he anyways?

Oh that's melker, he's the sweetest

Oh right it's him, he's such a helpful hand
by Farbror lucas June 29, 2018
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