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The female name Tilda is a short form of the Old German name Matilda, meaning ”strength” and ”battle”. The name has been in Sweden since the late 1700s.

Tilda is also an own name, it dosen't have to be a shortform of Matilda.

Examples: Tilda, Thilda, Matilda, Mathilda.

It's also used in other countries.
Hi, my name is Tilda!

Oh, shorter for Matilda?

Nah, It's an own name too!
by Awkward Embarassing daa March 17, 2014
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An extremely fun, and often times perverted, member of RTS, with awesome post whoring skills and a great sense of humor. Someone everybody likes. Likes spankings and loves cheese.
That girl can turn anything into a dirty convo..she's such a Tilda!
by Just Me 2 February 04, 2009
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Tilda is the smartest and purest girl ever, the best friend one can have. She's the perfect mix of girly and boyish and is a great storyteller! She is very loyal to her friends an family and values friendship.
Teacher: Tilda could explain this theory?
Tilda: *blushes but answers correctly, like always*
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by coolkidB) November 18, 2018
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