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Wow that Meier is a great guy
by Buckm January 30, 2020
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Used in a variety of ways. Namely:

a.) To fuck something up so badly that over 4,000 people hate your ass.

b.) One who is an authoritarian asshole.

Comes from the name of a dumbass conservative principal of a Northern Virginia high school.
"Man, they really Meier'ed that whole Bronze statue thing. The fucking thing is made of plastic"

"Dan Meier is a stupid fucker."

"What a Meier. I hate that little bastard."
by Cap'n McA October 6, 2004
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Noun : A person renowned for being a bust with the ladies, a terrible athlete, and consequently, a failure at life. You may refer to yourself in the third person, ...but this is only because it's your username for online video games. "The Meier" can be summed up in two simple words : Epic Fail.
1. We were all gonna get that puss last night until The Meier showed up and cock blocked the whole group. Fuck that guy has no game.

2. Girl : "Who are you."

The Meieir : "I'm the Meier baby! Heeeeyyy!"

Girl : "I'm out."

The Meier : "Typical."

3. "Cal Lu almost won that game last night until The Meier came in and missed every shot. ...and to top it off The Meier ruined the post game party by creepin on all the chicks!"
by CLU K-Men July 21, 2009
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A bitch who goes to silver creek and always wears a nice mop on his head.
Person 1: “Why did a mop just walk into the classroom
Person 2: “Oh that’s Nick Meier
by Rikogordsberry February 7, 2019
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The referee that screwed England out of their rightful place in a football tournament.
It should have been England 2 - 1 Portugal had it not been for Urs Meier.
by Mister Ignorant June 25, 2004
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I know im gay and England knocked Switzerland out of 2004, so ill ne bent and disallow them a goal. Jippo cunt
by Riches June 25, 2004
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Any time a student at Mills College finds themself unexplainably attracted to Natalie Meier.
Female #1: Can't you feel that swag eminating from Natalie's body?
Female #2: Girl, that's just The Meier Effect.
by millsgirl September 4, 2011
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