Slang defined for confused and, or wasted.
"Man, did you see Becky last night?! She was so mecked"

'Yeah dude"

"Oh I know she was tipsy all morning"

"hahaha those pictures are so going on facebook"

"thats what happens when you get mecked"

by PSEUDONYM! February 12, 2012
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noun- ejaculate after it has cooled to room temperature and began to congeal, either from male or female donors.
There was a huge meck stain on my bed after I made that whore squeal like a pig.
by PDiddy October 27, 2004
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A man with a very very long neck. Usually with a soilless smile, they give you good wealth. But if you upset it, it will KILL you.
I saw MeCk OMG YES!
by awesomeguy99 December 26, 2020
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meck is a word that you use so that you don't get into trouble at school especially when your fat anal home-ec teacher breathing down your fucking neck again. most commonly used by sophomores, my boyfriend, or skaters. basically, a word for fuck.
"jon mecked shirley", or "he knocked his mecking teeth into his skull", or "get the meck away from me you mecking dweeb."
by urstoopid April 17, 2006
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To make out with, or generally have erotic sexual, not sex, encounters with someone.
Dude, that chick is so hot.

Yeah, I'd like to meck her.
by perkushindude234 May 20, 2007
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pleasuring using the mouth to stimulate the sensitive parts of a person's body; method mostly used by girls that are uncomfortable with their body to please a person without having to shed clothing; originated from the gangster term "becky"
Last night a short, chubby girl gave me that mecke in my red ford ranger.
by young berg November 6, 2009
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“hollywood meck” A mellow ass school where everybody knows everybody. And hella mfs got clout but the basketball team is the stars and attention of the school and they got all them niggas weird and random af off the court. IB kids think they more superior then other mfs and shit but Used to b more T’D and fights every day but this new principle fucked everything up but long story short it’s wayyy better then creek and it’s where the real talent and real niggas at.
“Everybody wanna go to north meck
“all the ig mfs go to north meck”
by A north nigga April 26, 2019
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