When one person is obsessed with someone and does everything they can to get someone else to like them. This usually happens because this person is annoying as shit and can’t make any friends if they don’t meatride
Colton: “Hey John, let’s go play some fortnight duo’s and not let anyone else play so I can be friends with you even though I’m a fat ass grease ball with no motivation to do anything other than praise you”

Everyone else: “Colton, stop meatriding!”
by HighCouncil December 10, 2021
Aliana Nolasco is the straight fuckin definition of meatriding there’s no other way to put it
oh my gosh aliana is always meatriding adrian
by d1Adrian December 13, 2022
Someone who acts overly obsessed with someone else and pretty much praises them.The Meat refers to dick. Also known as "on their top" or "dickrider."
John: "Dude, My Twitter name got soulja boy in it, my profile picture is soulja boy, my Boxers got soulja boy on it, and my room is filled with posters if him! Im a Huge Fan!"

Brian- "No, You're a Fuckin MeatRider John!" "Get Off his Dick!"
by iTalkSwavey May 18, 2012
the act of verbally massaging someones dick
principal- "hey guys please remember to keep your phones away during school"
meatrider teacher- "yeah guys no phones during school"
based chad- "stfu is your favorite activity meatriding"
by duccr August 17, 2022
Someone that rides someone’s cock whenever they are talking. Someone exactly like Nashe
Nashe is nat’s little meatrider
by Zoroburner December 5, 2022