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Someone who acts overly obsessed with someone else and pretty much praises them.The Meat refers to dick. Also known as "on their top" or "dickrider."
John: "Dude, My Twitter name got soulja boy in it, my profile picture is soulja boy, my Boxers got soulja boy on it, and my room is filled with posters if him! Im a Huge Fan!"

Brian- "No, You're a Fuckin MeatRider John!" "Get Off his Dick!"
by iTalkSwavey May 18, 2012
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some one who is a dick if u were going to call a girl a slut,but you wanted to say something worse you would say u meat rider!. or if you wanted to call a guy a fag to an extent u wuld say u meatrider, and so and so's a really insulting term,but works as it shuld.
racheal: "u know wat mat,go suck a dick!"
steve: "no thanx,meat rider!"
by christii November 19, 2007
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a meat rider is someone who is like a follower/poser...A meat rider follows another persons actions or agrees with a person, see also brown-noser,ass kisser
Rob was making fun of Gary and Sam, and because Timmy C is a meat-rider he laughed agreed and joined along with Rob...or something like that
by BIG_Ian October 20, 2004
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man who is gay and enjoys it in the butt. "packs fug" "love cocks"
Joe Joe is a meat rider for driving a pt cruiser at the age of 18....... meat rider
by Half of RonJon August 18, 2007
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Someone who always agree with another individual
Why u always agreeing with him bruh Quit bein a MEAT RIDER
by Leak Leak 🐊🏖 March 22, 2017
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