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Someone who acts overly obsessed with someone else and pretty much praises them.The Meat refers to dick. Also known as "on their top" or "dickrider."
John: "Dude, My Twitter name got soulja boy in it, my profile picture is soulja boy, my Boxers got soulja boy on it, and my room is filled with posters if him! Im a Huge Fan!"

Brian- "No, You're a Fuckin MeatRider John!" "Get Off his Dick!"
by iTalkSwavey May 18, 2012
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Someone who tries to hang out with a person or group of people to try and gain clout because those people are well known. In many cases they try to let many people know who they are hanging out with like they put it on their story.
Daniel Tal is the greatest meat rider in history.
by Floov July 03, 2018
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some one who is a dick if u were going to call a girl a slut,but you wanted to say something worse you would say u meat rider!. or if you wanted to call a guy a fag to an extent u wuld say u meatrider, and so and so's a really insulting term,but works as it shuld.
racheal: "u know wat mat,go suck a dick!"
steve: "no thanx,meat rider!"
by christii November 19, 2007
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a meat rider is someone who is like a follower/poser...A meat rider follows another persons actions or agrees with a person, see also brown-noser,ass kisser
Rob was making fun of Gary and Sam, and because Timmy C is a meat-rider he laughed agreed and joined along with Rob...or something like that
by BIG_Ian October 20, 2004
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man who is gay and enjoys it in the butt. "packs fug" "love cocks"
Joe Joe is a meat rider for driving a pt cruiser at the age of 18....... meat rider
by Half of RonJon August 18, 2007
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Someone who always agree with another individual
Why u always agreeing with him bruh Quit bein a MEAT RIDER
by Leak Leak 🐊🏖 March 22, 2017
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