The term for slapping a hoe with your massive cock
I totally meated the shit out of that hoe last night
by Sully1027 March 26, 2016
A new way for a guy to say he has fucked someone. Usually a very chavy expression. The origin of this word came from two friends who noticed a snapchat story chain had the word “meeting’ spelled “meating”. They decided it sounded like a guy telling his friends he’s had sex with someone.
“How’s it goin’ fam, yeah Arright. Aye, tha girl, yeah, yeah ooh she was at my gaff last night, proper meated her, lasted ages bruv.”
by Gaybish May 18, 2020
To be exhausted, worn out and/or ugly
Bro, tell me why your shoes are tooooo meated
by TooMeated February 1, 2011
I went meat to meat on that chick it felt real good and warm.

I hit that girl raw man no rubber straight meat to meat
by Dilla2414 May 19, 2010
A slang term used by children to describe a penis.
Eww Brionna was touching Derrick's Meat Meat I'm telling mom!! cock penis
by D-Rock85 May 17, 2010