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Usually in reference to an abnormaly large penis with a large circumference.
"All I remember is a flash, a scream, and a thud as the Meat-Hammer pummeled my interior!"
by Matty D November 22, 2004
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a man's 5th appendage, usually located above the testicle region.
i slapped my meathammer on some bitches cottage cheese ass and left a mushroom brooze. She refuses to speak to me after the said event.
by kozimoto June 18, 2008
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a term used to describe the act of shitting after a large meat dinner. This term refers particularly to both the power of the shit and the distinct rotten meat aroma left in the stall after completion of said event.
That gyro went right through me I need to hit the bathroom and drop the meat hammer.
by MrPrefect July 21, 2006
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When someone is asserting their dominance.
"Did you see Steve?! He brought meathammer down on the guy hitting on his girlfriend! The guy left with his tail between his leg."
by TheNotChoosenOne April 05, 2015
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Very few men are born with the meat hammer but it is when the head of their penis is extremely huge compared to the rest of the penis
Iā€™m tired from carrying around my meat hammer
by Meat hammer šŸ”Ø May 28, 2019
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