To die in FPS, get frustrated, then continually rush until you eventually cost your team the game, then blame everyone else.
Sorry guys, I'm totally meags'ing this game. This is my bad.

This is going to be an easy game, they have a Meagser on their team.

Wow, I wish this guy on our team would stop Meags'ing so we would have a chance at winning!
by Snipe Legacyy May 16, 2011
a smoke, cigarette, or cigar.

when you smeag you are smokin a meag.

im smeagin' a meag right now
by jello puddin October 12, 2006
You're meag!
by x January 22, 2003
A slutty hor who just wants dick 24/7
Bruh that girl Jennifer is such a meag
by Fatniqqa457 October 31, 2018
weak, not good, crappy, lame, ugly, stupid, etc... meags at best
that fat chick is meags at best.

your fantasy football team is totally meags
by hagdog November 7, 2006
An absolute beast at 6'5 245lbs do not be surprised if he steals your girl then goes on to post a video titled "We've got important news" we love you papi
Wow chill papa meags your beast frame is imtimadating me
by tiktok: kb.likes.sports January 28, 2021
The word that describes a badass person. Is a straight G and can say nigger whenever he wants because he is the law!
Damn big papa meags is such a bassass he gives no fucks
by Big papa meags August 11, 2018