An Item. It's about time you found out. ;)
Me and Your Mom:
Me: Hey Babe, what are you doing tonight?
Your Mom: You.
by MomBanger83 September 11, 2011
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A very canon thing in the real world, yes its me your other parent! And by the way, get of your phone!
your mom x me is so canon me x your mom me x your mom
by HEYSUAI February 26, 2022
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"me when your mom" means when your mom "ejaculates" cause of how HOT and SEXY you are. You could also use this when its raining and say "me when your mom", or, "Me when your mom" when your mom actually "ejaculates" cause pf your "HOTNESS" and "SEXINESS".
Me: Walking outside
Wether: Rains
Me: Me when your mom.
by AleanTiger69 September 19, 2021
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Me when your mom is a phrase who is say when it's raining or there's something like a pipe launching water.
The Me when your mom originates for a Funny YouTube video which a guy says me when your mom and proceeds to get stroked by a lighting.
Friend / Look the pipe is leaking!
You / Me when your mom.
Friend / What do you mean?
by May 25, 2022
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Me When Your Mom is a more gentlemen-ty way to say "damn, your mom is hot"
Me when.., Me when your..., when you..., your...., when...,me!, me when.., me when..., Me When Your Mom
by DeezJoe November 27, 2021
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When you are the biggest cuck in the streets and see a image of white liquid

You can't resist, you have to relate it to what happened last night
You: dude look, that was totally me when your mom.
Your friend: when my mom what? That doesn't even make sense
by Kirboi September 15, 2021
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Another phrase originating from greensprings school, used in a similar manner to wait no telling. It is used to express disinterest in what someone is telling you about. And insinuating that their mother would be more amused by what they have to say than anyone else.
David: Never do that again you are so annoying!!
John: Don't tell me tell your mom.
by FrznYgrt January 26, 2020
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