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one insanely intense sex position where the legs seem to be caught in a pretzel shape
i walked in and saw Marilyn and Azreal mcmanusing on my couch!
by christina rossi April 01, 2008
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over six foot, drop dead gorgeous, helluvagood body, huge dick, best of the bunch, most caring guy in the world. he will always be there for you and never judge you. he's the most stable thing in your life. he may live miles from you, but he never forgets you. you love him unconditionally and never let him forget it. he makes you speechless, and every one of his kisses makes you breathless....
"I love that McManus so much!"
"I wish my boyfriend was more of a McManus."
by the sexasaurus 8110 January 26, 2009
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adj. used to describe something or someone who is very yummy. Can be used interchangeably with "mmmmm" Synonyms include: sexy, delicious, delectable, luscious, tempting and sweet.
(713) I wish you were here, I want to play ;)
(908) too.

omg these boys at the bar are sooo mcmanus!

This cheesecake is sooo mcmanus!!!
by Red Raiderette July 15, 2010
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douche, conservative extremist, or extreme conservative who sucks the cock of the leading member of the GOP on demand.
"Dude, dont be such a McManus. Women are people, too."
by yoshitoshi December 04, 2006
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