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adj. Used to describe things that are just plain wrong. Bad judgements and ways to explain strange occurances in life.

adj. To get extremely wasted.
Weird Boy : Bro, I'm going to dress up in black and meet up with my friends to go watch Eclipse at the theatre. Wanna come with?

Normal Boy : Nah, that's too McTwisted for my tastes.

Wacked Out Dude : Dude, lets go get some pills and a case of beer and roll out like renegades. We'll push over some port-o-potties, it'll be McTwisted fun.

Wacked Out Homey : Yeah dude! I love getting McTwisted and fucking up shit.
by MC Bammer July 08, 2010
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When you are extremely drunk and high at the same time.
Yo dude Drew was so McTwisted this weekend that he slept in the front yard.
by CampbellU June 21, 2009
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