A dude that has smoked too many drugs that he become a metal case, or someone who has said something really stupid and you have to say something thats not a swear
a) wow... "Acid Mike" has really lost his McNugget's

b) wtf did you just say you McNugget
by stricky August 31, 2007
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an adjective used to describe and communicate the relative awesomeness or insanity of an event.
person #1: "Jeff was putting the dynamite into the pumpkin when it detonated. We were showered with blood, broken fragments of his bones and chunks of organs!"

person #2: "Yeah, that s*** was mcnuggets!!!"
by holodram April 15, 2011
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a term to call someone who annoys you or when you want to annoy someone else
Shut up you mcnugget stop acting so gay.
by kai December 05, 2004
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1. A BIG and i do mean BIG ass nigga who breaths so hard that if he is in a car the windows start to fog up
2. A nigga with a cucumber sized nose
3. A nigga who knows that he not passing anything . . . . but gas
Bruh this nigga is a McNugget !
Man shut yo McNugget ass up.
Where the fuck is McNugget!!!
via giphy
by Mr. Roundtheway April 28, 2017
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those little balls you stare at as your looking at a guys wiener
Omg he's got some gorgeous mcnuggets
by Misslinds August 22, 2017
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