The act of of inserting a McNuggets into the vagina,then the partner eats it out. If successful the partner is rewarded with the remaining nuggets
We did some dirty stuff last night,I was gonna go in then she started McNuggeting
by My ex is ginger February 18, 2017
A part of your no no area.
You gotta protect yo mcnuggets
by DomRep1987 May 18, 2006
1.The tasty chicken in happy meals at McDonalds.
2.From the movie "The Longest Yard"
1.These mcnuggets are the bomb.
2.You gotta always protect the mcnuggets!
by Cydney B. May 30, 2005
When you go to McDonalds and order McNuggets, but when the cashier asks for your payment, you jump over the counter, knock out the cashier, run over to the deep-fryer and dunk your balls repeatedly until they look like McNuggets. After that, go back to the cashier, teabag him while yelling "TASTE THESE MCNUGGETS BITCH!"
Did you enjoy those McNuggets, bitch?
by RedneckScico Studios May 13, 2017
most commonly used as an insult.
someone of low intelligence and appearances that resemble a chicken.
You greasy mcnugget! Get your crispy mcnugget legs away from me!
by teresaxlove August 26, 2008
A small and tasty snack containing 100% white meat as well as the hair, nails, and bones of the animal used. (not always chicken)
Kid 1: hey, do you want to go eat something really gross?
Kid 2: like the stuff i found in that drainage ditch?
Kid 1: EVEN WORSE, we can go eat some chicken mcnuggets.
by T3K Y3S February 19, 2009