1) slang: said when someone does some
thing childish, immature

2) rfm (real fucking mature) can also be used
guy 1: "Girls have cooties"
guy 2: "Real Mature, dude, real mature..."
guy 3: "Yeah, dude, rfm..."
by drifter33032 April 12, 2007
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a phrase said when something weird has happened, your waiting for something, someone tells you do to do something you dont want to or other things like that
"Honey, go clean your room!" - mom

"k cool real mature" - you
by marcus jensen September 02, 2007
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its a phrase used when something to you has just been done that u thot was dumb or weird. Also if something isnt going ur way u might say this phrase
(your mom just told you to clean your room)(you would say)
"k cool real mature"
by marcus jensen August 15, 2007
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