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To achieve a goal through the ingenious combination of common household items, in the spirit of Richard Dean Anderson's character McGuyver, from the television series of the same name.
'I McGuyvered a bong out of a coke can and a pen'
by analihilator November 20, 2003
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Building crazy things out of seemingly useless or unrelated objects.
by al May 05, 2004
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Fabricating a useful device out of seemingly thin air and basic objects
I cannot believe you fixed the fax machine with a bent paper clip and a postage stamp, what are you McGuyver.

Exaggerated: Just because you can take a pocketknife, a toothpick and a lighter and make a John Deere tractor doesn't make you McGuyver
by waaasabe March 19, 2007
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a Verb.... i think
1.To fix or create anything with something totaly outragoues and unrelated.

2. To virtualy have no job and have crazy dangerous adventures.
For example..... create a bomb out of fertilizer, a car seat and tape. Fix a car with a rubber band, soda bottle, and gum.

Guy 1: dude my car broke down on the highway.....
Guy 2: what did you do?
Guy 1: I mcguyverd that bitch with shoe string and glue.
Guy 2: *tear* Mcguyver would be proud.... if he was real.....
by Met Sympathizer February 13, 2006
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When getting 2-7 off suit in Texas Hold'em and thinking you can create something of the worst hand possible...
Damn, you bought that pot with the McGuyver?! You lucky fuck.
by Jonas swe March 21, 2008
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