when your giving head and he shoots his load in your mouth and you pull away leaving a string of his load from his head to your mouth then suck it back up
i was getting head from this hott chick and she shoe stringed me!
by mhart April 22, 2011
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shoestrings wore as a belt.
i wear shoe strings as a belt sometimes, therefore i have shoe string swag.
by indiana chick October 12, 2011
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The act of being naive when a racial slur is directed at you.
You're so white your shoes don't have shoe strings.
by bmxgirl March 2, 2011
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Handling minor tasks such as running errands or taking care of last minute details or random circumstances. Similar to tying loose ends concluding business making moves. Referencing the basic functions such as learning to tie your shoes as a child.
Question: What's up?

Answer: Nothing just tying shoe strings ...
by AskGeeser February 29, 2016
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the meager leftovers of a person min wage salary after necessities have been paid for.
stop taking out so much useless credit card debt; your shoe-string budget will probably increase by a considerable amount
by Sexydimma January 5, 2017
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