Where fat fucks go when they die.
Mommy...where is daddy now?? *sniff sniff*
He went to McDonalds, my son.
by A2P July 09, 2005
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A restaurant chain that shamelessly whores itself to minorities, and evidenced by their latest "Ba-da-ba-ba-ba...I'm luvin'it!" campaign. The food is terrible with the exception of the fries, McChicken sandwich, and McFlurry.

Probably laces the food with nicotine.
As the last french fry disappeared forever beyond her event horizon, Sally accidentally saw her reflection in the window and shuddered at what she'd become. At that moment she realized there was only one logical course of action: she had to sue McDonald's.
by Veldrimal December 14, 2004
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Guy 1- I'm pretty sure that rapper up there has more chins than he has rhymes.
Guy 2- Yeah, what an M.C Donalds!
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
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People say they hate this restaurant so much, yet more people order food from this dump than everywhere else combined. Hypocrites.
McDonald's fries taste real good, though.
by AYB May 16, 2003
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The birthplace of pickle wars and chicken nugget hockey.
"Wayne Gretsky started his hockey career sweeping nuggets into the dustpan at McDonald's."
by Kris-10 April 27, 2005
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Where nobody wants to end up working.
Guy: *Sees D's and F's on his report card*
Guy: Shit! Better improve my grades, or I could end up working at McDonald's!

Example 2:
Jock: You're such a nerd. *Shoves nerd*
Nerd: (thinking) Enjoy this while you can, because in 10 years time, I will own a billion dollar company while you will be working at McDonald's.
by somebody143 January 01, 2011
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Inducing obesity since the dawn of time.

A place to get food you don't want and need, where you do not know how it is prepared.

Food that makes your heart hurt and something you know you shouldn't eat.

Cheap food that you regret eating later.
McDonald's Golden Arch
McDonal's Dollar Menu
by Aimee Bee. May 16, 2009
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