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The place that I work where the customers are more retarted than my coworkers. They come through the drive through to order food, and when I open the window to take their order they just wave and keep going... they then realize their mistake and try to back up while another car is going forward towards my window...

Or they stop halfway through their order to scream at their bratty kids who are beating each other in the back seat. They then forget what they have already ordered and I am forced to repeat the whole order (Hamburger only bun and pickle, fries-no salt, Big Mac only mayo and tartar sauce...) with really wierd special orders... THEN they change their mind, and by that time the food has already been made specially for them with only mayo and tartar sauce...

Thanks for letting me rant.
McDonalds, we love to see you barf.
by Ab0vesuspici0n February 20, 2004

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originated from Feeser, as in the last name. It can refer to many things such as having gingivitis, or simply doing something stupid, or being an idiot.
"That was so fees."
by ab0vesuspici0n February 19, 2004

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