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What McDonalds' employees affectionately refer to their place of work as.
I work at McDicks, and it sucks.
by anonymous April 09, 2005
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More accurate title for McDonalds. Seeings that dicks are usually cheap and is McDonalds.
We only have $2.50, let's go eat at McDicks
by Jane August 27, 2004
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a word for mcdonald's makign fun of its crappyness
"im hungry, let's go eat"
"all i've got is a twoonie"
"lets go to Mcdick's"
by memorylane November 13, 2004
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Losing your virginity to a slapper, only lasting three seconds before one ejaculates. Two thrusts.
Haha that guy only had a Mcdick last night, what a bender.
by Jay-KobDone July 06, 2009
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better word for mcdonalds, as i live next to mcdonalds and i wish i could play the banjo. we call it mcdicks because it sounds cooler and its just comical to make fun of it.
lets go back to mcdicks so we can meet up with everyone before we go to party beach.
by an on ee muss July 27, 2003
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