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What McDonalds' employees affectionately refer to their place of work as.
I work at McDicks, and it sucks.
by anonymous April 09, 2005
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More accurate title for McDonalds. Seeings that dicks are usually cheap and is McDonalds.
We only have $2.50, let's go eat at McDicks
by Jane August 27, 2004
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a word for mcdonald's makign fun of its crappyness
"im hungry, let's go eat"
"all i've got is a twoonie"
"lets go to Mcdick's"
by memorylane November 13, 2004
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Losing your virginity to a slapper, only lasting three seconds before one ejaculates. Two thrusts.
Haha that guy only had a Mcdick last night, what a bender.
by Jay-KobDone July 06, 2009
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When you get a blowjob from someone after they eat McDonalds and you can smell the faintest tinge of the McDonalds remnants on their breath.
Bro- I was with Lacie the other night- She gave me a McDick right in the parking lot after we got some fries and a coke.
by ArmWeak June 24, 2019
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