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the prettiest girl in the entire world, whoever is named Maylen has an amazing heart and is such a doll! she finds time for everybody and has all the friends in the world. she is perfect in every single way! you are lucky if she is your friend, and you are lucky to have her in your life! if you can keep her for aslong as you can, she's the key to everybody's hearts and always knows what to say. you would be lucky to call Maylen your girlfriend, luckier to call her your fiance, and even luckier to call her your wife. keep her around as long as you can and you will have an amazing friendship with her. everybody is friends with her, i dont know one person who hates a Maylen. she is an angle from the heavens above. an extra plus is she is an amazing kisser :*
josh: woah! who is that?
annie: oh thats maylen!
josh: wow shes a babe!!
by hose B November 20, 2013
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