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Tahlia, she is the most beautiful, amazing, caring, loving, helpful, wonderful person you will ever meet. Tahlia has an amazing body with an even better personality to go with it, if u ever get a tahlia never let her go she is someone you need in life and definitely want, I love you tahlia
Do you have a tahlia

I need a tahlia

I need you tahlia
by Baby girl...... October 08, 2017
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A beautiful girl who can make anyone smile and brighten up there days just by hearing hear laugh or seeing her smile. You would b lost without this girl if you ever went out with her
by runnnnnnniiiiinnnnnngg July 17, 2010
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Tahlia is a confident funny girl. She loves being center of attention and having all focus on her. She is crazy and a wild kid. deep down she cares what other people think but never lets anyone know. Her best friend normally is a crazy, fun loving girl. Tahlia also isn't afraid around boys and is always the one to break away a relationship. Music and sport are some of her favourite hobbies.
Omg she is such a tahlia.
by BestFriendLah April 23, 2018
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She's Special, has her own style, Beautiful. She's very organized and has the heart of gold. Always be a loyal friend if you let her into your life. Very sexy, witty
You got to meet Tahlia
by SexiMami2202 February 16, 2010
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Funny, sweet, and crazy. She can mostly everyone laugh. A Tahlia is the most amazing kind of friend so if you find a Tahlia never let go.
You: I wish I had a Tahlia..
Me: Ya they are so awesome, you must be jealous!
by Baby_Blu December 16, 2018
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A beautiful tall girl that's not confident in herself and awkward with guys, loves sports and normally has(or will have soon) one guy friend that she could probably date, but they help each other so much in life, they became best friends and wouldn't ever want to ruin such friendship, like, legit. She really should talk to guys more. Really nice, kind, loving, trustworthy, always helps when in trouble. You are lucky if you are Tahlia or that guy, best friend of hers.
-Hey, Tahlia, you are beautiful, just don't be afraid to talk to him.
-Okay, Thanks. :)
by SirDrakula June 14, 2014
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Absolutely amazing girl. You have to meet her. She is an enjoyable, fun and active person. She is stunning, the talent is incredible. If she is single dont take no for an answer, get with her. She will go far and become the best, of what her talent is.
names people she will likely to have a strong relationship with:

She is the most loveable person ever. The person she likes should consider them the luckiest people on earth. Reliable Trustworthy and always giving things ago!
Person 1: Tahlia is the most stunning amazing person.
Person 2: mmm, im not sure she is a bit of a show off

Person 1: Just get to no her she is incredible.

* 4 days later*

Person 2: O My Gosh tahlia is amazing.
Person 1: see i told you if you got to no her she is amazing.
Person 2: Thank-you so much, i adore her
Person 1: No problem
by Amaze. July 15, 2010
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