Mid 2000s the prime core years of the 2000s 2004 2005 and 2006
The mid 2000s aka (2004-2006 ) were the prime core years of the 2000s
by Jslop July 19, 2019
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The Mid 2000s started in 2004 and lasted until mid 2007 culture wise. This is the era of transitioning. Especially in culture.

MySpace was what Instagram is today.

50 Cent was the face of urban music and culture. Justin Timberlake ran pop music. Shirts went from XXXL to M/L in a span of 2 years (2005-2007). The internet became more accessible. YouTube was created and Steve Jobs introduced the first IPhone which ended the mid 2000s.
The mid 2000’s (2004-2007) were the core 2000s culture wise.
by Timetraveler87 September 6, 2021
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kids born between 2004-2006 are considered in the middle of the 2000s era and one of the best generations cease to exist and pretty much grew up with the same things

they are currently between the ages 15-17
luciana: omg bestie how old r u?
oliver: I’m 16 and u?
luciana: same we are such mid 2000s kid
by lovablesimp77 March 16, 2021
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A circa 2022 term coined by a 251lb man from California. Often characterized by a man who drives a lifted gas pickup truck sometimes with a flame paint job with skulls and owns 2 dirt bikes or Harleys. Often has tattoos to match sometimes the classic s tattoo. Often heard around town blasting any form of nu metal such as Nickelback slipknot Korn or limp Bizkit. The stereotypical angry white boy often watches monster garage or American chopper or any show on spike tv. The names can be kyle Tyler nash or Justin.
guy 1 Kyle was in the neighborhood last night have you seen his truck he was blasting limp Bizkit last night.
Guy 2 yeah he sounds like the mid 2000s tough guy type.
by rayjay91 December 9, 2022
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