Thus far, I've lived in Birmingham 19 years and only recently have I become aware of how corrupt the city truly is. All-in-all, if you live in a decent part, e.g. Mountain Brook, Forest Park, and places of that caliber, you should be fine; however, Southside, Five Points South (despite the beautiful Highlands United Methodist Church), Woodlawn, and other places of that nature are rather dangerous. The crime rate is high, but if you live in one of the higher caliber places you hardly notice it-- until it bites you in the butt and you're made to realize that even though you live in the beautiful, lush Forest Park you're on the cusp of Avondale and the "black gang neighborhood"... Or simply... "the hood". Drug deals aren't uncommon and Five Points South is one of the sketchiest places you could go in the after-dark hours. The homeless population, and the addict population, reside there and panhandle relentlessly.

All of the aforementioned stated, it's still a nice place to visit and it has proven to be a nice place to live.
Birmingham, Alabama was once a beautiful city with a booming economy... Now, included in Jefferson County, it is corrupt and bankrupt and the population is comprised of more poor-to-do people than not.
by Lady of Lothlorien July 13, 2011
By far one of the hardest cities in the country and most definately in the south east. gang violence is prevalent in west side neighborhoods such as ensley, greensprings, and west end, where homocides go undetected and uncared about. birmingham police don't pull you over if your suspicious, because they're being paid off by drug dealer to not get busted or bust their customers, cops are crooked and no one cares about anything but money and dope. southern suburban areas like mountain brook, vestavia hills and hoover are some of the wealthiest areas in the south. therefore depicting the 'hosing blacks in the streets' persona of birmingham from the 60s during the civil rights movement is still quite true to an extent. however the tables have turned. the blacks now sell drugs to the rich white kids, and since 2005 there has been a dramatic increase in young white teenage and college aged kids getting into hard drugs (opiates in particular). many would be suprised to know that birmingham is home to some of the purest cheapest heroin and cocaine in the country. What can I say, I'm from there, the girls are slutty and hot, the guys are pricks. and everyones on smack, yet still preach about loving god because the southern baptist coalition inlfluences everything.
I remeber Birmingham, Alabama I overdosed there. Let's go clubbing in Bimingham, Alabama this weekend. I passed out in an alley on 21st street in Birmingham, Alabama and woke up 2 days later with a rig in my pocket not knowing how it got there. I'm from Birmingham, Alabama and its hard as fuck!
by barbiedollprincess666 July 27, 2010
University located in Birmingham, Alabama. This is the place where people come and become either absolute goons or absolute retards, there is no in between. This is where our good friend Aaron (bless his heart) chose to go to college and let me tell you that using the word "wild" to describe him would be an understatement. If you thought Aaron was a goon before he went here, then you don't even want to know what he's up to now. Aaron also talks about how many retards that he always deals with on a daily basis so it doesn't seem like the area has the smartest population but that's not surprising considering that UAB is located in Alabama and has many students from the nearby states in the deep south.
I attended the University of Alabama-Birmingham and I was so happy I did because I met my wife there and she happened to be my second cousin, I've always heard of wincest but I didn't realize how amazing it was until I fucked my second cousin (now wife) and her sister at the same time.
by TurnM3Up November 9, 2020