The month your parents had sex in if your birthday is in February.
by kiloJoules March 16, 2009
A month when hot sexy Taurus's are born
that hot chick/dude was
born may 17th
by awesomest person April 22, 2009
1. The fifth month of the year
2. (v) Used to ask for permission
3. Expressing possibility
4. A name, typically for girls
5. (literary) One's bloom or prime
1. Star Wars Day (aka the day everyone suddenly becomes a SW fan) is on May 4th.
2. May I choose tonight's movie?
3. If you choose the movie, I may not come.
4. But May, you love my taste in movies!
5. Grandma says her May has passed
6. Baby when you finally

get to love somebody

guess what?

by BewareOfShittyPuns May 4, 2016
May is a beautiful, wonderful, loving girl. She is beautiful in and out. She is worth more than gold and deserves more than the world. May might be shy at first but as u get to know her she is feisty and sassy. Mays are such loving girls and if u ever come across a may hold her tight and don't let go. If u ever don't take her love u just made the biggest mistake of ur life.

Love may ❤️ 😘
Girl: Omg what is ur name
Girl2: May urs

Girl: Sophia ur very sweet

Girl2: thx
Girl: wanna be friends

Girl2: Sure
by Girlpink123 December 30, 2019
May can be very shy and is afraid to hurt other people’s feelings but will always cheer you up and is very determined to express her passions and opinions. may loves to spend time with her friends but also appreciates the need of having alone time. she is active but also loves her sleep. may can be moody at times but will never go as far as to hurt someone’s feelings. she will always be by your side if you ever need her!
i love May. she’s so sweet!
by Mariella🤙👌 April 13, 2019
May is really pretty and awesome she is the best friend that you will ever have. She will always be there for you and make you laugh when you need it. Over all May so cute and the best friend that you will have.
Person #1 wow May is so pretty
Person #2 I know she's the best friend ever
Person #1 she sounds great!
by Mayflybee November 3, 2019
Usually a boy who believes his parents fucked on May. Always says dumb things, but is very chill and funny
“May are you gay?”
“May you’re dumb
“May you’re mad funny
by Halia Beamer July 22, 2019