"Wow mai is a total iguana."
by Hsyl March 15, 2017
Mai is the most sweetest person can be a firecracker if she get upset in the littlest thing can set her off but she is the most amazing friend you can have she will always help you if you need it she would give u anything to help you she is very unhappy with her body and very iffy with relationships from being hurt in the past but it made her a better person all the way around and closer to her family loves kids but doesn't want any she has the best smile you will ever see loves to party and have fun and usually is the life of the party even thinks she's amazing singer/dancer she will find love one day and when she does it will be till death do them part till then she will keep working on her and making her the best person she can be for herself and everyone around her and she is the best person to have on your side she has her amazing career and it set there and has great relationships with everyone
Damn have you met Mai she is amazing
by Lolaraesmommy September 28, 2019
Stands for good luck, and a very pretty flower
by thi-mai March 10, 2005
A beautiful caramel skinned woman, one who is mysterious and passionate. With those hypnotizing, penetrating eyes of hers, she can read exactly what is on your mind.

She is determined, magnetic and dynamic. Her sultry voice will have you weak in the knees. Her sexual prowess cannot be matched, she is the best you will ever have - if you're lucky.
A:"I fell in love the moment I saw her"
A:"Are you kidding me? She was a total Mais!"
by LisaShoop February 14, 2010
DUDE! Check out that mai.
by shooter January 21, 2005
The first , middle or last name of a girl who is Beautiful and crazy . And likes to express what she is feeling and usually dosnt have a filter. She excels at sports such as soccer and fails to find a decent guy. She struggles to find the right guy who doesn't take her for granted and she is also teased by guys at her school but she doesn't care she just does what she does best........... playing soccer
Wow look at mai!!!😍
by Mai joe howllet April 3, 2017