When a person (typically a guy) goes out to see a movie, or visits a theme park, or place otherwise mostly occupied by couples or friends,but does this alone. This can cause sympathy from other people that watch them as they purchase tickets or enter the area. This is different from when a person grabs a cup of coffee, or sits in a coffee shop alone for a few minutes, or rents a movie, or eats fast food. Masterdating involves often going to a restaurant alone, and sitting at the table alone, while some people look and either feel bad, or think that the person is a looser, or going to see a movie alone. It is often done by older men that may be widowed, or by people that can't get a girlfriend, or are the "40 year old virgin" type
You: 4 tickets for (name of movie) please
Masterdater behind you: 1 ticket for (name of movie) please

You (thinking) awe, he's alone, i guess he's Masterdating.
by titagula December 10, 2010
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When you take yourself out on dates; dating yourself. You already know what you're into, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc... Dating yourself also allows you the freedom to have a great time, all the time, and never have to hear "you're not paying attention to me" or other forms of bitching and nagging. You are free to mingle with whom you please and are able to spend time enjoying life and being happy.

Could come off as self-centered, egotistic, or conceited to those who don't understand how hard it is to find someone as awesome as you are.
(A)"What are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Oh I'm going to masterdate."


"I didn't stutter... and this is why I date myself.."

(B)"If I could marry myself I would, so for now I am a masterdater."
by Socks Owlgorithm April 03, 2011
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A set date between an individual and subscription based Internet pornography; can be preceded by dinner and drinks.
Sorry, I can't make it today. I have a masterdate.
by The Commodore June 22, 2007
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Thinking of having sex with multiple women while mastubating.
Bob: "I couldn't get a date friday night."

Jim: "Have you tried masterdating, it's so much better. It's like being on 5 dates at once.""
by Doc Scholls September 27, 2006
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The pre-date masturbation that is necessary for extremely horny individuals to get through a date without sex. Although not restricted to only males, the vast majority of documented cases involve male subjects.
Did you see Rick's new girlfriend?
Ya, she's such a tease. He'll never get any tonight on their date
I guess he'll have to masterdate
by Q-Dawg89 August 02, 2011
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When you masterbate before a date to insure you last longer when you take them home later.
Steve: “oh man, i haven’t been on a date in awhile.. i hope i don’t bust too quick”

Jerry: “bro, just masterdate, works every time!”
by sawampa March 14, 2019
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