A term now commonly used to refer to a particular mass shooting in the United States since there is another one occurring every day.
“Today’s Mass Shooting” works well for our newspaper; we just keep recycling this term with each subsequent mass shooting.
by Dr Bunnygirl August 3, 2019
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The condition by which our horror over the reports of innocent lives taken, families destroyed, and not enough done to put an end to such gun based mass casualty violence, over time, leads to mere head nods of sadness given how commonplace they have become, and how in order for us to get through the day, we must block out what we felt over "Sandy Hook" or "Columbine," or "Parkland," multiplied by the number of times it has happened since.
It is sad how, while the one hand, I feel terrible over the most recent mass shooting, my mass shooting apathy has kicked as a survival mechanism, and made me feel less than I did when I first heard of the "Columbine" incident.
by ribick November 18, 2019
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The generation of young people in school between Columbine and Parkland massacres, where mass shootings have become commonplace.
After Parkland the mass shooting generation finally said enough is enough and with the leadership of student activist have taken on the NRA and Republican and Democratic representatives that have been restrained by NRA and their cronies. NRA policies have had priority over gun safety and those advocating background checks, mental health screening, and limitations on firepower.
by mlhiss March 19, 2018
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Dom did it
Dom did the Mass Shooting In An Orphanage
by mattcris4n May 24, 2020
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Is it just me or is the world getting crazier? Hold on... Wait a second... I need to check Urban Dictionary quick so I can write some dialogue into my movie, verbatim. No no no. I just need like 3 more days! Gimme 3 more days! I just need to wait and see if this guy writes anything I can use. What? Who cares if sketch comedians make jokes about "whichever one doesn't get us sued". I just need more time! It's just getting good.
Hym "... Unless, of course, you're me. Then you don't need to be trained because I have a naturally sophisticated mind hahaha!"

Iam "Hey, does it seem like there have been a lot of mass shootings lately to you?"

Hym "Huh? I donno. Maybe. I haven't been keeping track. I bound to happen eventually. That was kind of the whole point."

Iam "Really? That seemed like something you would keep track of..."

Hym "Really? If feel like my stance has always been that no one actually cares. They pretend to care because caring is a virtue. If they don't pretend to have the required virtue they are ostracized. And now they are all trapped in an endless cycle of pretending to care about things they are totally apathetic about. 'This mass shooting, sponsored by NordVPN!'. 'This triple child murder, sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends.' It's free money. Just sit around and wait for someone to get raped and the make a video about an article THAT SOMEONE ELSE WROTE and as long as you set yourself up by making a video of yourself yelling at a green haired retard who thinks 'he's' a 'she' and everyone will watch your subsequent videos about other people's videos and/or articles and throw money at you."

Iam "You know what? Yeah. You've always been pretty consistent on that."

Hym "Yep. I'm sophisticated, profound, compelling, and I make brilliant observations. It's wild to me that people legitimately can't do the things I can do."
by Hym Iam May 16, 2022
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