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An app where thirteen year olds lip sync vulgar songs and think they are better than everyone else.
13 yr old boy: Hey bae did you see my musicaly vid?

13 yr old girl: Duh! Were you talking about MY p****?

13 yr old boy: Yeah bby lets go whip and nae nae?
by AnnoyedWithMyHand August 03, 2016
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An app for rejected 12 year olds, Soccer moms, and most nickelodeon stars or viners, searisly what happened to this world

its basically where you lip sync (who the world wants to do that

where you do CLEAN HUMOR (now srsly COME ON)
And most of all i love this app because i usualy make fun of the slow kids on there
dont use the app Musical.y

by Idontknowmyname sorry June 11, 2018
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A stupid app for girls who don’t have real friends.
“Hey, we should do a”
by Pinapplesauce May 12, 2018
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