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located in seaside communities, an attractive female, in her 20's or early 30's who dates/sleeps with unattractive old rich men (at least twice their age) in order to gain access to said men's large boats/yachts during summer months as well as receive other monetary perks. They are much the same as golddiggers in principle. However, whereas golddiggers can be of any age, boat whores usually belong only to the 20's to mid-30's attractive female population. See also trophy wife and sugar daddy.
For her previous night's labors at Viagra-aided intercourse, the blonde boat whore got to spend the rest of the weekend sunning on the deck of the "Inspiration" to the dismay of all the gentlemen callers her own age.
by woozykk February 28, 2005
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A Slut who is associated with seagoing men. These women are usually undesirable under normal circumstances. They satisfy their sexual needs by taking advantage of their sexually deprived ship mates who would normally not have anything to do with them. They can be found embedded with many seagoing organizations to include but not limited to the following: Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines.
Petty Officer Smuckately has slept with the entire Deck Department. She is nothing but a boat whore.
by bigjlj January 28, 2006
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Underground nickname for a restaurant/club in East Hampton, NY named Boathouse. The term Boatwhore came to be due to the unbelievably gorgeous women whom accompany wealthy douche bag looking men to the establishment.
Guy 1 - "Hey... what are you doing tonight?"

Guy 2 - "I don't really know, I was thinking of going out."

Guy 1 - "Hey, you want to go down to Boatwhore?"

Guy 2 - "Sure, we can check out the girls with the douche bag yuppies."
by RockNeverDiez69 June 06, 2010
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Usually the hottest stripper in town.
Candy is a boat whore, but she brings me the money fo shizzle my fellow black emporer.
by anonymous March 03, 2005
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