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Seventh state admitted to Union. Population, ~5.5 million. Has one of the country's largest metro areas (Baltimore-Washington corridor), one of the larger public universities in the country (UMD), and once proud sports franchises (Orioles). Has a dual identity, as it's both a Mid-Atlantic state and a Southern state, because it's south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
"The chaining and gagging of Bobby Seale / Somebody tell these Maryland Governors to be for real." - Gil Scott-Heron
by madprophetridx June 20, 2003
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A cheap legal high, which is why it's the taster's choice among college heads. Can be used in conjunction w/ cannibis or other choice substances. Not recommended to be used w/ alcohol though. Heads w/ high blood pressure should be weary of brands of cough medicine that have pseudoephedrine in them. Stick with Robo Max Strenth Cough.
A 4 oz. bottle of Robotussin contains 354 mg of DXM, a good dose for a first-time tripper.
by madprophetridx June 20, 2003
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Ghetto bastardization of "have to"
I gotsta get paid, b.
by madprophetridx June 24, 2003
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To engage in conversation with somebody.
"Get at me later, we'll rap a taste about the old days and whatnot."
by madprophetridx July 15, 2003
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