A small community just between Collinsville, IL and Fairmont City, IL. The town sets on ancient indian burial grounds known as the Cahokia Mounds A.K.A Cahokia Mounds State Park. Many believe that is where the State Park or State Park Place name came from. Many also believe the spirits of the ancient Missisipian tribe, Cahokia, are haunting the small town explaining the never ending violence and misery.
State Park people are nuts

State Park is dangerous

Dont fuck with the SP
by butter_nutz July 27, 2009
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A small white ghetto near St.Louis, MO. The town consists of drug dealers, gangsters, thugs, crackheads and thieves. It's a place you probably dont want to go to if your not looking for trouble. If you want trouble, the State Parkers dont have a problem giving it to you. They'll beat you down, take your shit and you wont do a damn thing about it. If you try to do something, well then you'll just get your ass kicked again, and thats something you probably wont want at the time. I've seen beatings, stabbings, shootings and people ran over with cars and I've only been down there four times, its like the fucking modern wild west. It's a dangerous place that you dont want to visit unless your a girl and your having sex with a guy, buying drugs or if you want to party hard. If your an outsider and you want to party go ahead, you'll probably leave with a concusion.
Dude, them State Park guys are fucking crazy!

Don't fuck with the SP!

State Park is a kick ass place to party.

State Park is the fucking shit!
by deeznutzinyourmouth August 4, 2009
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A small town east of St.Louis, not to be mistaken for Collinsville, IL. It is a community made up of mostly whites and hispanics, most of whom are relatively violent. You can find drug dealers, gangbangers, thieves, crackheads, racists and everything in between. If your in State Park then you are lost or probably up to no good. Outsiders are rarely welcome and usually get jumped or robbed. In the rare case that an outsider is allowed to ride with the State Parkers he/she is either stealing for them, having sex with them or is just a stand up person. You dont want to catch yourself stuck in State Park not knowing anyone, plus the streets are ran by many packs of mix-breed dogs and they do bite. If the Hoosiers dont get you the mutts will. Many have tried to take them out an few have accomplished the task. So when you just want to kick your shoes off, have a cold one and have a trouble free day, you should probably not come to State Park.
Man, dont fuck with him, he's from State Park
No dont turn here, that way is State Park
Dude, I got jumped in State Park yesterday
by stateparker July 27, 2009
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A small unincorperated town outside of St.Louis. One of the most craziest places you can go besides East Saint Louis and Washington Park. With a population mostly white and hispanic causing different gang affiliations, the place gets a little wild at night. You never know whats going to happen, may it be bricked while driving, jumped while walking or stabbed and beat with bats while fighting, all can agree that the place is wild. If you need it then they got it. And if they dont have it they'll say they do and then you getted robbed try and do something and get beat down.
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear?

Guy 2: No, what happend?

Guy 1: Scott got beat down and robbed down in State Park last night.

Guy 2: I told him not to fuck with the SP!

State Park is crazy as hell

Dude, me and my boys tried to beat up some State Parkers and they really kicked our asses, bad, real bad
by ballz_deep July 27, 2009
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kick-ass park in Door County, Wisconsin. Park has tons of bike trails, an observation tower, golf coarse, two beaches, pit toilets, four differet camp grounds, nature center, and awesome kick ass stuff like that.
peninsula state park is awesome as fuck
by rice hater May 12, 2006
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The best, most unspoiled beach in NJ. Its dunes and clear water, and has miles and miles of NOTHING in a state where every other square inch of oceanfront is owned and covered with crap
When I have a day off, I go to Island Beach State Park, and forget where I am and who I am.
by minimalsidefx March 28, 2007
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A State Park located in Lincoln Rhode Island. It is the official butthole of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.
dooshbag " hey want to go for a swim at Lincoln Woods State Park."

dooshbag dos "nah thanks man I would rather go swim in a pool instead of a giant butthole."
by gwizzzz November 9, 2009
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