a smol monkey that loves getting pet with tooth brushes and eating grapes
did you see that gif of marmosets eating grapes?
yes, but send it to me again
by jagsba December 24, 2019
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A Marmoset occurs when a woman, angered with her male partner, feigns arousal and informs her partner that she would be incredibly turned on if he were to strip down, stand before her and trim his balls with hair stylist’s scissors, a pair of which she happens to have handy. The partner obliges, and during the course of his trim job, the woman kicks him squarely in the nuts, piercing his scrotum and possibly a testicle.
When Jane found out Mark had been cheating on her with one of his interns, she waited until he got home and then gave him a Marmoset he would not soon forget.
by Atro SYB August 18, 2009
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An annoying monkey which eats attic snails in unfortunate Brazilian houses. Not to mention they sneak into boats in the Amazon.
Further reading: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marmoset
Ese marmoset sneaked into mi casa anoche just to comer our old nachos!
by WeirdMapper May 2, 2019
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when a man who cannot reproduce throws his semen into a group of bystanders
dude why is mike in jail "he found out he cant reproduce and did the grumpy marmoset on a group of people downtown."
by grumpy marmoset lover June 10, 2022
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