1.Greek Mythology. A member of a race of dwarfs.
2.A member of any of various peoples, especially of equatorial Africa and parts of southeast Asia, having an average height less than 5 feet (127 centimeters). Not in scientific use.
3.A short, whiny, undeveloped, possibly malnurished teenage girl who loves to pet puppy dogs and play MallTalk. Stalked and masturbated over by Glenn.
4.Anything small
"That girl looks like she's ten yet she's in her third year of college. What a pygmy!"
by Concerned Children's Advertiser November 12, 2003
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The black squishy stuff stuck between Elephants toes!
oh no! here comes a herd of elephants
LOOK out Pygmy!
by HAsh BROON June 22, 2006
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Generally a short, long-haired youth (male). It is not uncommon to find they have rat-features.
Likes to think that they are musically talented. In reality, they are not as their fingers cannot stretch beyond two strings.
'What's that? Short with long hair? Ah! Pygmy'
by Cas January 18, 2004
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1. n. Mythological runt version of the human being thriving prior to the time of christ in the Middle east and areas of North Africa especially associated with Egypt 2.n. undersized overly angry constantly menstrating rat bastard excuse for a modern civilized human being
May be if you ate a bit son you'd be more than just a pygmy.
by riz January 15, 2004
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"yo look at that hot momma"
"yea to bad she got a pygmy"
by mouseinator October 19, 2006
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the most kick ass cover band with the hottest band members
Hey guys... let's go watch the velcro pygmies... i heard they were awesome
by what is yo August 29, 2008
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A person lacking the logical or cognitive constructual ability to grasp what the situation is about or what is actually going on around them! Can also be applied to groups of people (mental pygmies).
The mental pygmy just doesn't get it.
I'm fed up with explaining it to the mental pygmy.
by losconchosnos June 21, 2010
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