A beautiful place populated by people who don't deserve to live in it.
that sunset is perfect, but this place is such a robles
by xxrachxx August 23, 2008
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Mexican surname. Ususally those that have this surname are fairly good at things, but can never win at anything. It is an interesting phenomenon as they never seem to be able to surpass their rivals. They also are not at all adept at controlling blue colored rodents, and in fact such activities have been said to not be their activity, or something to that effect.
Guy 1: Hey man, Robles there is doing pretty good.
Guy 2: Yeah but look at the other guy, Robles is gonna lose, just like always.
by Bruce Miller 90210 May 13, 2009
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The newest and best game, all will love Robles
Hey, Robles?
Yeah BrO I love that game!!1
by PriceTag YT March 20, 2018
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Robl - Rolling on bed laughing

One who laughs unconfined on their sleeping utility. However, in the unlikely event of one falling off their bed, the act will then be defined as "rofling"
"Hey bill, do you want to robl really hard?'
"Sure, tim, we're already in our beds!"
"why did the alligator gate?"
by Jesse Fisher April 13, 2006
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"That bridge is very homosexual"
"Bridges have feelings, too"
"Not this one... trust me >_>"
"No, no, no... ROBL!"
by Joker47 March 25, 2007
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rolling on the bike laughing

its like a rofl copter but its a bike
Here comes that walrus abortion robl...
by costaricasurfer December 30, 2011
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When you get a guys dick and put it in a hotdog bun and eat it.
by Brandon Royal July 8, 2010
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